1) I study … the college. It is rather far … my house and I go there … bus. I have classes … 15.00. … leaving the college I have a large amount … time I go shopping together … my brother. My brother is a pupil, he goes … school. His school is … our house. … shopping we do our homework. Then … the evening, we watch TV, listen … radio.

Задание 2. Поставьте к следующим предложениям общие и специальные вопросы

1. There is a book on the table. 2. He must work hard today. 3. We are leaving for Moscow next week. 4. We were reading the whole evening. 5. They don't go to work on Sunday. 6. It is not cold today. 7. Ann has already begun to read a new book. 8. We learn English at school. 9. They will show you how to get there.

Задание 3. Заполните пропуски словами, приведенными ниже

A) Why В) What C) What's D) How E) Where

1. _____ is the nearest telephone? 2. _____ do they get to school? 3. _____ didn't you come to school yesterday? 4. _____ often does he go running? 5. _____ time do you get back? 6. _____ don't we go shopping this afternoon? 7. _____ much are these trousers? 8. _____ are his hobbies? 9. _____ your phone number? 10. _____ do you think of this dress? 11. _____ in the newspaper today? 12. _____ does Jane's sister look like.13. _____ are you thinking about? 14. _____ are you doing now? 15. _____ don't you wear this sweater?

Задание 4. Подберите соответствующий «хвостик» к каждому вопросу

1. It isn't cold,… a) will they?
2. The police caught him,…. b) doesn’t he?
3. You stole it,…. c) will you?
4. They won't tell anyone,… d) is it?
5. It's Thursday today,…. e) are they?
6. There's no proof,… f) aren’t I?
7. You didn't say that,… g) didn’t they?
8. They aren't French,… h) isn’t it?
9. Please help me, … i) aren’t we?
10. They're working hard,…. j) didn’t you?
11. He loves you, …. k) aren’t they?
13. We're late,… l) is there?
14. Don’ t take all the money, m) will you?
15. I'm very nice, n) did you?


Задание 1. Задайте вопрос к выделенному слову

1. Jack phoned Ann.
2. Janetlikes spaghetti very much.
3. We can start work on Monday.
4. The last exercisewas the easiest.
5. Jane met her friends at a party.
6. She doesn't want to dance with you.
7. He's worried about the test.
8. We have seen this film threetimes.
9. My friend's family has got a flat on the sixth floor.

Задание 2. Правильно ли использованы ответные реплики?

A) Right B) Wrong

1. I've just met Simon. - Oh, have you? How is he?

2. He's very well. - Oh, isn't he? And you?

3. I'm feeling tired. - Oh, do you?

4. Yes, I went for a long walk yesterday. - Oh, went you?

5. Yes, I walked to a lovely town. - Did you?

6. Yes, but it was very strange. - Wasn't it?

7. Yes, it didn't have any parking space. - Oh, didn't they?

8. No, and there weren't any cars. - Really?

9. No, but everyone had bicycles. - Oh, had they?

10. Yes, it's a really clean town. - Has it?

11. I want to live there. - Oh, did you?

12. Yes. It looks perfect. - Oh, does it?