1. Choose the right word:

starting/hurting/hurrying baby,

I'm breaking/broken/rocking down
I need
yours/your/you’re loving, loving
I need it
When I'm
about/without/in doubt you
I'm something
You got me
betting/begging/wedding, betting/begging/wedding
I'm on my


2. Fill the gaps with the words you hear:

I don’t
wanna be __________ your love
I just
wanna be ______ in your love
And it's killing me when _______ away

Ooh ________
, cause I really don't care ________ you are
I jus
t wanna be _______ where you _____
nd I gotta _____ little _______


3. Fill the gaps with the antonyms of the given words::


____ please

Won't you _____ and put it _____ on me

I'm ri
ght ______, cause I need
______ love and _______ sympathy
Yeah you ______ me ______ loving

Make it _______

Need a _______ _________
_ in my life

___ please

Won't you ______ and put it _____
on me

4. Choose the right spelling:

My broken
You peek/pik/pick them up
live/leave/leeve me hanging, hanging
geeve/gave/give me some
When I'm
witouth/without/withaut you
I’m so insecare/unsicure/insecure
You are the one
tingh/thingh/thing, one tingh/thingh/thing
leeving/leving/living for


5. Find the mistakes and correct them:

I d
on't wanna be bleeding your love
I j
ust wanna be dip in your life
And it's killing me when we’re away
Ooh maybe, cause I really don't care there you are

I just
wanna be here where you harm
And I
gotta get a little rest

6. Write the missing letters:

pl_ _s_
W_n't you c_ _e and put it d_ _n on m_
ri_ _t _ er_, c_ _se I need
_ _tle love and l_ _tle s_mpat_ _
you s_ _ _ me g_ _ d lov_ _ _
Make it _
N_ _
d a l_t_ _e s_e_tne_s in m_ li_e
pl_ _s_
_ _
n't y_ _ co _e and put it d_ _n on m_

7. Match the lines:


Yeah , I want


( ) a man

I want


( ) you're hotter

Don't let


( ) that sugar sweet

Unless that


( ) no other way

I gotta be


( ) that red velvet

There ain't


( ) California day

Cause girl


( ) all that shy shhh

than a southern


( ) play no games

I don't wanna


( ) somebody is me

I don't gotta


( ) That's my…

Don't give me


( ) nobody touch it

No make up on


( ) be afraid



8. Underline the words you hear:

Your Sugar No
Yes place please Don’t Won’t your you come and pull put it up down at on me mine I'm bright right there here, cause I seek need ­Big Little love and sweet little sympathy So maybe baby, just chow show my me God good bad loving Take Make it right alright Need a line little sourness sweetness on in my live life Sugar Yet Yes please Don’t Won't yours you come came and put it up down of on me