Cartoon Puzzle is a very striking and unusual. This I have never seen. The emotions here are kind of characters that live in the brain of each person. They manage behaviour and perception of the world.


Every emotion has a unique look. They are all bright, individual colors. For example, anger is red - that I agree. Sadness is blue...although I would have made it pale or dark green. Joy somehow, with the blue hair, although it would be logical to paint it bright red. But this is purely my personal perception .


The behavior of each character consistent with his way. And no emotion beyond the brink of their position. However, at the end of the cartoon I saw that joy, sad, and grief smiled. Perhaps, it is also possible to interpret, for example, a "bright sadness." Yes, and if it were not for sadness, people would not appreciate joy and happiness - nothing could compare.


Interesting cartoon in which children have a lot of interesting things which can be learned as well as by children and their parents. Impeccable cool animations it is already considered the business card of the Studio that makes these cartoons, the picture is very beautifully designed. The visual component generally get no sense, it is evident that the artists are masters of their craft, while watching you feel that the film has a soul, the creators wanted to convey something, something to teach, something to focus attention. There are the instructive moments, things that make you think, reconsider their views and, of course, be a little kinder, but as we all know kindness is really lacking in our time. As the animation visual style is impeccable. In the picture of chic layered versatile layer of jokes, a lot of some ridiculous interesting fun of the situation.